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            Thermoformed and Vacuum formed trays:

            Thermoformed and Vacuum formed trays offer numerous options for protecting, shipping and displaying your products. .

            ? With single or multi-cavity with full custom contoured cavities:
            ? With specific functionality to hold items with a shaped cavity, a friction fit, an under-cut or separate snap-on strap
            ? Colored, textured or velour materials to support up-scale branding
            ? Serve as work-in-process handling trays within a plant or for shipment to another plant
            ? Offers batch count control
            ? Use color for visual manufacturing control
            ? Sophisticated thermoformed plastic trays are the frame or backbone for mechanical, electronic and medical devices
            ? Reusable with a long life. Trays are able to be washed as needed over time
            ? Tray used for storage and component part staging in preparation of final assembly
            ? Tooling Cost Low: thermoform tooling estimated at 1/10 of injection mold tooling.

            Custom Tray Design Process

            This involves a review of the application, key design requirements, and tray function. Specific design process will be noted in estimate.

            This step helps insure the tray meets expectations and serves as an opportunity to make adjustments and or changes to design.

            We build a tray with only a few cavities in most custom tray projects. This is a good and inexpensive test of part-cavity fit, and stacking. Changes can be made after this step.

            This step can be added if any specifications require a full size tray for package testing or for evaluation.

            is built and first article submitted for final approval.

            Tray Types Material Thickness Application
            Shipping trays
            ESD Trays
            Custom Kitting Trays
            Single Cavity tray
            Multi-cavities tray
            Handling Trays
            Packaging Trays
            Retail Trays
            Drip Trays
            Automation Trays
            Cosmetic and Beauty products tray
            Toys / Gaming,
            Medical and Dental instruments,
            Food packaging,
            Manufacturing Parts,
            Industrial Trays.etc